Balconies, bubbles and beaches

Uber-stylish and sleeping 18, George 24 is on the edge of the Newquay sand and surf scene, the edge of England and the cutting-edge of design. Bedrooms come with sea-view balconies, the terrace comes with a bubbling hot tub and parties go with a beachy bang.

On the edge of everything

George 24 is a high-end, uber-stylish holiday home sleeping 18 on the edge of everything – on the edge of England, the edge of the Newquay buzz and on the cutting-edge of design. You half-expect Kevin McCloud to burst from the bi-fold doors in a hard hat.

At George 24, you’re on the edge of Newquay’s spectacular surf and sand, too. It’s a magnificent beach hut during the day, then it’s a party palace as night descends. Warm up with a movie in the home theatre, then break out the bubbly.

Binge out with a barbie on the terrace, or gather for a feast on the giant dining table. Cater for yourself or be catered for – just whistle and our chefs will shuffle in. When the sun sets, pour some fizz and pile into the hot tub.

With six spectacular bedrooms, George 24 is an overnight sensation. Sleep off a heavy head in funky pod-style bunks and master bedrooms with balconies within a saltsplash of the ocean.

Hot Tub & TerraceHot Tub & TerraceHot Tub & TerraceHot Tub & Terrace

Hot Tub & Terrace

Get everyone together, get the fizz out and get immersed in the bubbles. The hot tub here sits at the end of the long terrace and at the far end of a long day on the Newquay beaches.

The terrace at George 24 is as cool as a penguin’s toenails. You’ll admire the architectural statement of the mixed decking, planters, stone and slate, and the gazebo that overhangs the tub, but you’ll love the idea of the party spilling outdoors even more.

Fire up the barbie, set the steaks to sizzle and the drinks to chill and complete the festival of outdoor fun.

Living Spaces and Dining

George 24’s living spaces are a world of smooth surfaces, state-of-the-art anodised appliances and 21st century glossy glory, all bathed in natural light that would shame The Louvre.

The engine-room kitchen is spacious and sociable. There’s a ship-sized dining table and an island unit for chopping and chatting. The beers are chilling, the sofa’s squishy and the sightlines take you straight to the wall-mounted Sky TV.

If you can’t cook or won’t cook, just call up our chef. He’s on call for a one-off special, a fully catered holiday or anything in between. You can even waive the washing-up.

For take-outs, nights out and nights in, Newquay is abuzz with takeaways, gastros, bistros, restaurants and fooderies of every hue. Go Indian, Italian, Chinese, Lebanese, Vietnamese, or tuck into freshly filleted Atlantic cod, chip butties and a bottle of beer or bubbly.


At George 24, bedrooms are the bedrock of the experience. Plucked from Grand Designs, six rooms sleep 18 in nocturnal opulence.

Bedroom one is a master double with en-suite that’s a masterpiece of travertine and mosaic tiling. You’re free to loll around in the freestanding bath in the main bathroom to your heart’s content. Robe up and catch the ocean breakers from the balcony.

It’s a similar bedtime story in bedrooms two and four, both master suites with shower and sea views from the balcony. Bedroom five is a spacious double, while three and six come with fun and funky pod-style bunk beds.

Sleeping off a bad head has never been so slumber-friendly or stylish. Nudge open the windows, burrow down and breathe deeply in the ocean air.

Beach Babes and Surfer Dudes